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HAL music's Journal

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18th February 2006

missyaggro4:16pm: i've been looking for the video for play the hits for ages because until today i still hadn't seen it. here is a link for it on youtube.


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6th January 2006

_half_light_6:02pm: Live.

Hal live tracks here :) Gorgeous.

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16th October 2005

a_whisper12:28am: Magic Numbers/Hal rare vinyl

Thought some of you might be interested in checking out a rare vinyl from when the Magic Numbers toured with Hal. The vinyl has The Magic Numbers 'Anima Sola' on the a-side and Hal's 'Keep Love as Your Golden Rule' on the b-side.

It's very cheap at the mo, they only made a few and they won't be making anymore so get it while you can!

check out the link for more info on the artwork etc


thanks :)

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8th October 2005

elegantly_bored2:17pm: If anyone doesn't yet know, HAL have covered John Lennon's Mind Games for the free CD with the current issue [dated November 2005] of Q magazine. If anyone cannot get hold of this magazine, let me know and I can upload a wma file of the song for you, but if you can get hold of the actual magazine you really should.

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6th September 2005

elegantly_bored11:56am: HAL news - cancelled gigsCollapse )
I hope none of you are affected by this, unfortunately I am seeing as how Birmingham was the only gig on that tour that I could have feasibly gone to. I'm a bit gutted, to say the least.

community newsCollapse )

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22nd August 2005

elegantly_bored4:23pm: Just to let you all know...
You may have noticed that I Sat Down/Don't Come Running failed to chart in the UK top 75 yesterday. However, this was not because of low sales but due to a pricing issue.
Click here to find out more...

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5th August 2005

elegantly_bored11:00pm: A few things happening this week...
New radio sessions/interviews tomorrow


Wednesday 10th August, Claire Sturgess will rebroadcast Hal's most recent Music:Response session on XFM.


HAL's recent JD Set gig in Birmingham will be broadcast on Channel 4 in the UK at 1am on Saturday 13th August.

Don't forget that Hal's new single is released in the UK on August 15th...full details have already been posted in this comm by _half_light_.

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8th July 2005

_half_light_10:04pm: Single info
This is on the site, if anyone hasn't seen it. I hadn't... don't know how long it's been there!

We're pleased to announce that HAL's next single will be released on 15th August in the UK, and 19th August in Ireland. It wil be a double-A side 'Don't Come Running'/'I Sat Down' with some very special b-sides:

Don't Come Running

I Sat Down
Don't Come Running
Mama's Gone Away (Demo)

Don't Come Running
Cuddly Toy

'Wings' is a cover of the Tim Buckley song, and 'Cuddly Toy' is a cover of the Harry Nilsson song. 'Mama's Gone Away' was recorded by the band at home. Further news will follow with information on how you can pre-order these singles.

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23rd June 2005

elegantly_bored10:15pm: the interests list
We're updating the interests list to include bands who have supported Hal, bands who Hal have supported, loads of Hal songs, and anything else relevant, including things like radio stations for which they have played sessions. If you have any ideas for anything else that should be added, now's the time to point it out...

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11th June 2005

elegantly_bored9:59am: October Tour announced
Tickets have gone on sale for a short September/October tour stopping at Newcastle, Leeds, Nottingham, Manchester, Birmingham and London. Tickets can be bought here or from the box office of the venue.

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2nd June 2005

elegantly_bored7:42pm: Win tickets to a secret HAL gig!

Unfortunately I won't be able to enter, being under 18, which sucks because I actually live in Birmingham, where the gig will be taking place. But I thought I'd post it to the group so the rest of you who might not have seen it can have a go :)

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19th May 2005

elegantly_bored9:18pm: I've just given the comm a mini makeover in that it now has a background image and I've changed the text of the comments. Any problems/thoughts?

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13th May 2005

missyaggro8:05pm: Audioscrobbler Group
Hey guys!

For those of you that use Audioscrobbler, there is now a group for fans of Hal so please come and join! :)

Jem xo
Current Mood: happy

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6th May 2005

meanmartini12:11pm: Ooh, a Hal community - marvellous! Hello! :)

Erm, as well as thinking Hal are rather fabulous, there's a live review of their Leeds set last week, plus an interview with Dave up on my webzine, http://www.recordoverplayed.tk if anyone fancies a read :)

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1st May 2005

elegantly_bored7:15pm: Album chart position (part 2)
#31 in the official UK chart.

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30th April 2005

elegantly_bored12:50pm: Album chart position!

The debut album has gone in at number six in the Irish charts

It's also at number 12 in today's Virgin Radio/HMV album chart and looks set to do similarly well in the official UK chart tomorrow

Just thought I'd let you all know if you haven't already heard...

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21st April 2005

_half_light_1:57pm: Album
Ummm so I kinda got the Hal album in the post today. Don't hate me though, it's not my fault! I recommend Play.com for all your preorders.

The album is great, it's gorgeous.
Current Mood: indescribable

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20th April 2005

_half_light_3:48pm: Hey, I just joined.. cos I've fallen in love with Hal. I went to see them in Brighton when they were supporting The Magic Numbers, and I sort of knew who they were... Since then though, my love has only grown! I love the new single, but my favourite is Worry About The Wind... *sigh* Love it. Yes, ummm.... CANNOT WAIT for the album - I pre-ordered it and Play.com told me they sent it yesterday so I'm hoping it might actually arrive before Monday! Hehe.

My photos from the Brighton gig are here:
I would post the actual photos but they're huge, so this way you can browse at your leisure :)

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loonylady_jenni12:44pm: Just a quick reminder that debut album HAL will be released on Friday in Eire and on Monday in the UK.
Also, they're currently out on tour supporting Brendan Benson. I personally will be catching them on Monday at Birmingham Academy 2, and I'll be sure to post a review and any photos or videos I get.
Don't forget HAL play a headline tour in May. Full details can be found on the newly made-over official website, www.halmusic.com

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18th April 2005

ex_fourkick8:28pm: hello... gooocbye
hi all, HAL rocks yea,
well, sombody actully made a HAL community, awesome shit!
listen to debut alubm 'HAL' here:
Current Mood: bouncy

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25th February 2005

loonylady_jenni8:08pm: Hello and welcome to hal_music. I'm Jenni, your lovely (yeah, right) mod. Side note: if you want to friend me, you're more than welcome. This comm is for reviews, pictures and general HAL talk, but please, people, remember the LJ cut. it's easy: <*lj-cut text="HAL review (or whatever you want it to say)"> then the review goes here... <*/lj-cut>. Now take the *s out. Got it? Good. Post away...

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